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    Hello Everyone…. It’s a wonderful day out here. And I am super exited for sharing this magical Skincare Routine with you all. But before that, let me get you through Jade Roller and Gua Sha basics first. So, What is a Jade Roller? It’s basically a Chinese skincare tool made from solid Jade stone. Jade […]
  • 8 Best Foundations for Oily Acne Prone Skin 2021
    Notice that your skin feels greasy when coming in contact with dirt? Or it emits a little extra shine? Everyone has oil in their skin. It’s just that oily skin happens when the sebaceous glands in the skin produces natural oils called sebum. Sebum is the wax like oily substance that shields and hydrates the […]
  • 6 Best Yoga Poses to Help Boost Immune System during Corona Virus Pandemic
    Yoga focuses on building strength for both mind and soul we all know about this and we are right now in need of strengthening ourselves both physically and mentally. Yoga helps in staying calm by reducing inflammation which in turn helps in boosting immune system. Practicing yoga removes all toxins from body and provides fresh […]
    Hello and welcome to by Blog . Hope you are all doing well…Well this article is to review the Tesalate Beach Towel which claims to be Sand Free I’ll also answer the question: Are they worth buying for this Price? Are they Really Sand Free? But firstly a Disclosure :  **** I received an email […]
  • 4 Minute Workout You Can Do Anytime At Home
    A type of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) What are tabatas? Tabata is a condition: 20/10 x 8 = 4. The 20 is for a considerable length of time of work, the 10 is for quite a long time of rest and the 8 represents the quantity of rounds. Summation of the equation equals four minutes […]