Yoga focuses on building strength for both mind and soul we all know about this and we are right now in need of strengthening ourselves both physically and mentally. Yoga helps in staying calm by reducing inflammation which in turn helps in boosting immune system. Practicing yoga removes all toxins from body and provides fresh oxygen keeping your body fresh, active and healthy. So here we have 6 best yoga poses to help boost immune system during corona virus pandemic and keeping yourself healthy.

Pranayam [Sit and Breath]

Tips for Practice :

Sit in relaxing position by folding your legs and hands in Namaste position. Inhale deeply with both nostrils open and exhale. This is best breathing and relaxing exercise to stay calm. Inhale as deep as possible for better relaxation. More you inhale more relaxed you are.

Start by practicing normal breathing first like 5 deep breaths for a start and gradually start deep inhaling. Please come to normal breathing whenever you feel discomfort.

Don’t be harsh on yourself, no matter if you do 2 deep breaths but do it perfectly and keep practicing daily. Don’t break your routine.

If you are a patient like high – low blood pressure, diabetes etc or  pregnant  or any other medical history you have please consult your doctor before starting pranayam and do it under guidance of trainer.

Benefits of Pranayam:

  1. Makes you calm and active
  2. Relaxes body, mind and soul
  3. Brings positivity
  4. Increase energy level

Parivrtta Utkatasana [Revolved Chair Pose]

Tips for practice:

Join feet together and bend yourself as if you are sitting on chair .Inhale and bring your hands at the center of chest by joining hands in Namaste position. Twist yourself by bringing your left hand elbow onto your right thigh and exhale. Hold yourself in this position for 3 to 5 second and back to forward bend position. Repeat on other site.

Keep your body weight on your heels and feet joined together.

Try gazing your shoulder or sky when holding pose while you are twisted.

Don’t force yourself start practicing slowly

If you are a patient of high – low blood pressure, diabetes etc or  pregnant  or any other medical history you have please consult your doctor before doing Revolved chair pose and do it under guidance of trainer.

Benefits of Revolved Chair Pose:

  1. Increases flexibility
  2. Strengthens back
  3. Increases balance

Anuvittasana [Standing Backbend]

Tips for Practice:

Be very cautious when you do standing backbend pose

Start by standing in mountain pose keeping feet together or underneath your hips. Keep your hands onto your hips or lower back fingers pointing downwards inhale lifting shoulder up and exhale rolling shoulders down. This helps in strengthening spine. Lift your chest up as you inhale and push back yourself downward as you exhale. Maintain this position for 3 to 5 seconds and back to normal. The more you push yourself back and downward more good it is.

When you return back to mountain pose don’t forget to inhale.

Benefits of Standing Backbend:

  1. Helps in better functioning of heart
  2. Helps in strengthening and toning lower back and hips
  3. Improves body balancing

Garudasana [Eagle Pose]

Tips for Practice:

Stand straight by balancing on your right foot taking left foot all the way around bending right knee. Look straight balance yourself and cross your left hand around right hand joining palms together in prayer position. Place your palms in center of your face and hold as long as you can. Release  hands and then legs and come back to normal position.

For good results do eagle pose in early morning when your stomach is completely empty.

Benefits of Eagle Pose:

  1. Good for people have kidney or prostate problems
  2. Strengthens thighs, hips, upper back and shoulders.
  3. Increases focus

Trikonasana [Triangle Pose]

Tips for Practice:

To begin step the feet nice and wide apart following wide apart hands matching with feet. Keep palm facing down. Turn your right foot out and move your hips outward towards left. Bend towards right leg as far as you can and then bring your right arm down and left arm with palm open. Remain in this position for 5 to10 breaths and slowly come back to normal.

When you bend downwards turn your face to look up to your left arm.

Try to keep your neck relaxed else you will feel compression in neck.

Benefits of Triangle Pose:

  1. Strengthens thighs, keens and ankles
  2. Relives stress
  3. Good for neck pain, anxiety and flat feet
  4. Good for improving digestion.

Ananda Balasana [Happy Baby]

Tips for Practice:

Lie flat back, bend your knees and pull your knees to your chest, now take hold of your knees moving them outward. Hold this position for 5 to10 breaths and come back to normal.

Keep your spine straight when you do this pose.

Hips should not be lifted up.

Benefits of Happy Baby:

  1. Keeps your feet alive
  2. Stretches hips
  3. Calms and relives stress
  4. Spine lengthening


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