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Our Approach

I have consistently been an over the top purchaser of Skincare and Makeup. Making a Blog was an approach to Indulge right now. I do love writing about the things i know about Makeup and Skincare and share it with Like Minded People.

Our Story

Every thing has a beginning, and mine started before 2 years when I became a mom. Writing was always my passion. I am born and brought up in India and I currently live in Melbourne, Australia.At the point when I was on my maternity period I started writing about things I like and share it with like minded people. I always wanted to share my Views and opinions with people and Blogging was the best way.!!

Meet the Team an FAQ About Nidhi Joshi

Nidhi Joshi


Ethically Modern and Passionate about work. Definitely a Fun loving person. Enthusiastically Living a Dream!!

Management Team

Great Enthusiastic Team cum Family

FAQ about Nidhi Joshi

  1. What is my Educational Background?

Though blogging doesn’t need a degree 😋 here it goes :- I am a Commerce Student graduated with Bachelor’s in Commerce and L.L.B and Graduated with Masters in Professional Accounting from Australia and then Finally MBA..uf!!quite long list..That’s pretty much it.

  1. How Long have I been Blogging?

I have been blogging since 3 years. Earlier I did it as a part Time but now I am a more than a part Time Blogger in between writing, Editing, shooting photos and videos and Uploading it and most Importantly taking care of my Adorable 2 years old Son.

2) Do You Collaborate?

Yes, Absolutely. I love to connect with Beauty Brands , Travel brands and other Bloggers too.

3) Am I on the Social Media?

Yes. Here’s al the links – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter

4) Are You a Makeup Artist?

I am not a Makeup Artist and don’t claim to be. Makeup is fun for me and I love sharing Ideas, and art with like minded people.

Note : If anybody approaches you pretending to be me from any other email ID other than mentioned below Ignore them or contact me. I wouldn’t be responsible for any damage or loss caused by an Imposter.

How Can I contact you?

For collaborations/ Readers Queries just press CONTACT ME BUTTON


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