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Hello everyone…I hope you all are fine. Finally I am here with my Very First Product Review. Please dont mind me starting product reviews little late. Because I use products for atleast 30 consistent days to give a fair chance to every Product I Review.

Makeup by Kay(review)

Katrina kaif as a first actress was came forward to inaugurate her beauty products under the tag “Kay by Katrina”. She joined the Nykaa Cosmetic association as a collaborator for her beauty products. Katrina says that it was her long desire  to launch her  products .She also adds that ,”She was passioned for her makeup looks at her career from her early stages to model , actor,…Kaif explained that she has a knowledge about makeup that she often do it on her own and  she learnt the tricks from her makeup artists. She said that only with the knowledge it was not possible it needs instruments and tools ,  other stuffs where Nykaa supported.

In an interview she states that “ Beauty product should have a optimistic making of makeup cosmetics that are to be lasted forever in the skin and should give shine and glamourous looks and that should be friendly over  your skin.” .It was understood that it follows 3 principles of “Kare” as care for skin, ”Kolor” as color of the products for nails, lips, eyes , Kover – as a packing of nourishments it accomplish.

It was released on October 22, 2019. Katrina kaif uploads a video and photos of her Kay products in her Instagram and twitter. Many celebrities uploaded Katrina for her efforts.

Since Kay Beauty Products are not available in Australia I had to make other Arrangements to get the Products here. So Finally I am here with these:

Ink Artist Gel Kajal

Product Cost : INR 383 on Nykaa


When we talk about packaging, it is simply awesome. It has a super cool box which has a letter ”K” on it as it was representing the tag “KAY”. It has a overall printed coverage of its ingredients and its input details which are used to get the by product. The cosmetic looks like a pencil sketch which has the base of pencil and top has the pulpy gel part which has a cap over for protection. The overall cosmetic looks adorable. That if one  has seen the package they can’t ignore and move to next one! The entire pack was rafted perfectly.


  • The sterols used were made by ceramides helps to get rid of the dryness(Good for Dry skintype)
  • The top was smoother it was not sharpened so that it doesn’t harm your eye
  • It gives a buttery feel over the eye, with its squashy gel on top
  • It gives smudge free eyes
  • Waterproof which last long in your eyes.
  • Cruelty free


  • It caused me irritation when used for first time . My eyes are super sensitive.
  • It caused red eye for me for the very first time when I used it.
Maestrobe Metallic Lip Toppers

Product Cost : INR 594/- on Nykaa


 The Maestrobe Metallic lip toppers package was done by the printage cover with a tag Kay beauty. Each colour shade of lip toppers was made known by the cover itself. If one who wants to buy will know the colour by it package cover as it has the same colour of the product. It looks like a small bottle filled with the buttery product. The metallic toppers gives you a mate look .The entire package was safely rafted. The bottle was designed beautifully which makes people to keep second eye over it.


  • The maestrobe metallic lip topper contains chamomile which gives healthy nourishment to the lips
  • It gives creamy finish over the lip stick when applied, which gives glitter and spark over the labium (lips).
  • It gives volume and fluffiness
  • It gives 3D lips by applying more above the centre part of lips and finally blend over the edges.


  • It doesn’t last long on lips
  • It composes of smaller amount
  • Doesn’t suits for all skin tones

Mateelinee Lip Crayons:

Product Cost : INR 679/- on Nykaa


The overall package of Makeline Lip Crayon of Kay beauty composes of the cosmetic inside with a printed cover consist of the ingredients used for nourishment. The mate crayon Comes in different shades under Kay beauty products. Each shade was depicted by its cover with the same colour of the inside product. One can find the shade without opening the outer pack. It just looks like the same crayons which was used for colouring pictures. The packaging was rafted safely by the outer cover. The crayon looks like a short pencil with a squashy cream on the top


  • One can easily apply as it was very buttery
  • It acts as a moisturizing agent and it avoids dryness
  • The Mateline lip Crayon contains healthy formula which suits for all lips
  • It holds your lips for longer time
  • The crayon was more  squashy as it gives mate look
  • Uses only little amount to get perfect adorable look
  • It comes in many shades


  • I didnt like the flavour and taste.
  • I feel that it gives over dark textures.

So that’s about it. Let me know in the comment section whether it was useful or not ? Also if you have used the above listed products dont forget to share your experience in the comments below…Good Bye!!


  1. I agree Metallic Lip Toppers are not really for all skin types. Dull look. Not for Indian Skin. Keep reviewing about other products as well. Thank you


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